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About Ryan G. Hemphill

Ryan Hemphill is a successful Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive based in New York City. With his current firm, Ryan helps manage a diverse portfolio of industries that includes, among others, international real estate development projects, investment-quality fine art funds, fuel cells & other green energy initiatives in both the public and private sector, emerging technology/startup capitalization and coordinated health and preventative care solutions for large US corporations.


A successful Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive, managing a portfolio that includes a diverse range of industries.


A committed philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to his community and others around the world.

Artistic Pursuits

Holds a Drama and Philosophy degree from Hofstra University, and spent time working as an off-broadway actor and director.

In 2013, Ryan Hemphill founded Madison Park Capital Advisors, a boutique advisory firm based in midtown Manhattan.  Serving clients both here in New York as well as across the country, Madison Park Capital Advisors quickly became known as a trusted partner for various brands and professional organizations across a diverse spectrum of industries.  With clients ranging from global men’s fashion label Simon Spurr to one of the largest residential real estate developers in the Midwest, Madison Park Capital Advisors prides itself on providing tiers of service as varied and precise as the clients they serve.

In its very first year, Ryan Hemphill found great success with his new company.  Among his initial achievements were the design and execution of an asset-backed regional arbitrage portfolio for a luxury automotive wholesale and retail dealership network.  He also successfully structured a recapitalization and expansion-financing plan for NYC based tech startup and LED lighting manufacturer and performed a comprehensive regulatory risk assessment for leading medical research and investment incubator following the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

After graduating from both Law School & Business School, Ryan Hemphill began working with a national civil litigation firm based in midtown Manhattan where he orchestrated the launch of a new practice group.  There, Ryan managed and expanded the firm’s national attorney network and worked closely with C-level executive partners to implement his bespoke target strategy for the new practice group.

Prior to his current endeavors within the financial industry, Ryan Hemphill spent time in the public sector, working for the United Nations. He served as a Diplomatic Advisor and Delegate for IIMSAM.  As part of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Ryan served as IIMSAM’s Delegate for a special session entitled “Supporting development efforts of the least developed countries, including trade capacity-building”.  While at the United Nations, Ryan also served as Director of the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO) where he coordinated efforts between the diplomatic community, private sector and academia to raise funds and awareness for green energy across the globe and especially in our least developed nations.  This opportunity sparked Ryan’s interest in green energy initiatives, and has become a major influence on his commitment to investment and development in the energy sector.

Ryan Hemphill also has a great deal of experience in the Real Estate business.  Ryan spent approximately five years as a real estate finance & development professional in New York City where he originated and closed over $250 million in conventional and private real-estate loans through correspondent, direct and private banking channels.  Working on numerous exciting real estate development projects from Brooklyn to Upper Manhattan, Ryan negotiated the exclusive financing position for his company on a 45-unit condominium development with CPC and provided all residential financing for the first multi-million-dollar loft condominium development in Harlem. During his years in this industry, Ryan worked closely with a number of notable real estate development and marketing firms such as Corcoran Sunshine, Blesso Properties, The Developers Group, Community Preservation Corporation and the Bracha Group.

Ryan Hemphill is a graduate of both the Frank Zarb School of Business and the Maurice A. School of Law at Hofstra University. While pursuing his JD/MBA degree, Ryan was a finalist for the national transactional lawyering competition and served as Vice President on the Public Justice Foundation.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Ryan Hemphill is a committed philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to his community and others around the world. Ryan operated as Youth Ambassador to the NGO Voices of African Mothers for the former CFO of UN Peacekeeping where he helped initiate the development of a school for young women in Ghana. In 2009, Ryan Hemphill coordinated and directed the Bronx Opera Children’s Program, which performs excerpts of the latest Bronx Opera productions for schoolchildren between the ages of 5 and 15 in order to give them access the arts when they may not be able to experience it otherwise.

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Creative & Artistic Pursuits

Before venturing into the finance industry, Ryan Hemphill spent time working as an off-broadway actor and director. After graduating from Hofstra University and the Hofstra University Honors College with degrees in both Drama and Philosophy, he spent time following his creative and artistic ambitions. Ryan first starred in the long running off-broadway hit Tony & Tina’s Wedding and Ödön von Horváth’s 1936 play Figaro Gets a Divorce before turning to directing for the theatrical and operatic stage.  In addition to directing Gian Carlo Menotti’s Opera The Globolinks for The Encata Collective and serving as Assistant Director for the Bronx Opera’s production of The Two Widows, Ryan served as both Artistic and Stage Director for Bat Country Productions; a NYC-based theater company he co-founded in 2005. During this time, Ryan produced, directed, and marketed the critically acclaimed stage play, The Cascade Falls by Adam Michael Cohen in conjunction with the Abingdon Theater Company.  On the business side, Ryan Hemphill raised private capital sufficient to produce and market a fully realized, full-length off-Broadway play in under two months.  Ryan looks back on his time spent in working in the arts field fondly, as it helped him learn a great deal about communication, teamwork, and performance.

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