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Summer is here and the kids are out of school, but spending your summer in the city can be sweltering. No one wants to be stuck in the heat. Finding summer activities in New York City that will please adults and kids alike can take some creativity, so below are some ideas on how to beat the heat.

Visit a nearby public pool

All of the public pools in Manhattan are run by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. Public pools range from “mini-sized” (40′ x 20′ x 3′) to Olympic sized and admission to all public pools is free. Certain pools also feature wading pools, an ideal place for younger children to play.

Find a playground with a splash pad

While playgrounds are all around New York City, it is almost essential during the summer to find one with a splash pad. The Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 Playground has eight different water features that include dancing water fountains, sprinklers, dump buckets, and controllable water jets. Central Park’s Ancient Playground has also two water sections that feature a waterfall, water jets, and spray nozzles.

Explore a museum

Take advantage of New York City’s world-renowned museums. They are affordable, educational, and best of all, air-conditioned. The iconic American Museum of Natural History allows individuals of any age to become an explorer with exhibits that include dinosaur fossils, artifacts from ancient cultures, and a planetarium. The American Museum of Natural History also offers unique experiences, such as “A Night at the Museum,” where museum goers can camp out and explore the exhibits by flashlight. Other great museums to visit are the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and the Museum of Moving Image.

Go see a show on Broadway

Rather than waiting until the evening (when it is cooler outside) to see a show, take advantage of a Broadway matinee to escape the heat. Most shows have matinees on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Currently, Broadway has a plethora of family-friendly shows and a lot of shows with recognizable characters from television and film. Great show options that everyone will enjoy are Aladdin, Anastasia, Frozen, The Lion King, and SpongeBob Squarepants. Check to score last minute, discounted tickets!

Even though temperatures skyrocket in New York during the summer, the city provides plenty of options for families to stay cool, be entertained, and have fun together.